Fishing in the Dark

Lighting for Fishing in the Dark


Crown USA Headlights
Headlamps from Crown USA are powerful, versatile and durable. The internal lithium rechargeable battery will provide up to 8 hours of continuous use on the highest setting (or 20 hours on the lower setting) before recharging is necessary.

Crown Hunting and Fishing Lamps

These are not brim lights ? they’re spots. You will find spots that push a million candle-power (the way they measure how badly you’re blinded if you accidentally look at a light). An idea unique to these guys’ lamps is that they feel ? rightly so ? that you do not always want to turn night into day. You typically do not want the animal or the fish you’re trying to hunt to see you. All you want to do, really, is highlight their eyes or cause the contrast of a shadow (in the case of a fish) to stand out a little bit. The white light on high is extremely powerful for a headlamp and is great for spotting channel markers or following the progress of your topwater lure back to the boat – hoping and praying that the next twitch creates a massive explosion.

The Crown LED headlamp with adjustable elastic headband has a very large diameter lamp lens – but still only weighs 6.8 ounces. This weight includes the internal lithium rechargeable battery which provides 8 hours of continuous light on high beam and 20 hours on low beam. The light range on high setting is an amazing 150 meters and provides a powerful, pinpointed spotlight wherever your head turns. The lower setting is good for up close work like tying on a new leader or lure, rummaging through your tackle box, lighting up your baitwell, etc. The optional colored filters slip on and off the lens easily and come in a 4 pack which include Red, Green, Amber and Blue shades. The light’s a serious night tool for fishing – and you might just be thankful for the long battery life on a single charge the next time a storm hits and the overhead lights go out for an extended period.

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